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Date: 04/13/04-02:23:49 PM Z
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> Interesting! But would you have been as prolific if you knew you were
going to
> incur the cost of buying more film and developing it?

Hi Jon,
I deleted all the stuff that wasn't good, at no cost. The images I have
remaining are only what I figured my total savings on.

As Dan Burkholder said, the main reason to buy a digital camera and carry it
with you is (ta da) you'll take more pictures!

Was I more carefree? You betcha! Was I sloppy? No. Did it make me a
better photographer? I would say yes; my freedom to experiment with blur
and angles at no financial risk led me to some fun stuff.

The worst you could risk is $500 for a 5 megapixel camera, and problems with
storage down the road. I'm willing to risk both. But you've brought up
very good points. There's nothing like an archival, gorgeous, BW print,
with archival negatives to boot.

An added benefit is the time saved: download files to computer and presto,
instant tricolor sep negs.

 Maybe it's the cup of coffee I just had that makes me feel it's all coming
up roses with digital. 10 years down the road, maybe we'll all be freaking
out because our CD's are crazed.

Also do you think you
> were more carefree (or even sloppy) when taking photos since you knew you
> always delete it if it didn't turn out? Did the ability to take more
> make you a better photographer or just more prolific?
> I don't have an answer to any of these questions myself. Just wondering
> opinion and that of any others who have made the transition to digital.
> Jon
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > Good morning, all,
> > As usual I sit here avoiding writing outlines and papers...I
> > instead to clean and organize all my digital images I have taken since
> > when I bought my first digital camera.
> > I decided to add up how many images I have taken and compute how
> > money I have saved in film and developing costs. Mind you, this is just
> > acounting for the ones I have *saved*, and therefore does not include
> > myriad images I have deleted. In 9 months I have paid for my camera
> > over, in savings. That is an incredibly conservative estimate. My
> > as far as buying or not buying a digital camera? "Just do it".
> > Chris
> >
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