POP<->Negative seperation?

From: Rich ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/12/04-12:13:33 PM Z
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Now that I know some folks here do Centennial POP prints, I'd like to ask a question.

I have recently started printing on the POP paper. I also read the warnings about silver migration
from the paper to the negative and the recommendation of using a 1 mil mylar sheet in between
the two. So far I have printed using the archival envelpes that already protect my negs, but they're
not exactly 'optical quality' and I'd like to see if I can grab a bit more detail. My exposures range
between 10 to 20 minutes using a UV light box in a contact printer.

What do others think/know about this silver migration? Is it something to really worry about? If I
deffinitely should use a seperator, what would you recommend? The 'mylar' recommended by
CAW seems to only be available in large rolls for $32 or so. That's acceptable if it's good, and
should last a very long time considering the quantity. I would just like some ideas though...


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