Bellocq/Friedlander in Toronto

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Date: 04/10/04-05:14:08 PM Z
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Hello everyone,

For those who live in or near Toronto, or anyone visiting over the next few
months, there is a new show that has recently opened at the Ydessa Hendeles
Art Foundation which is really worth seeing. It is kind of a meditation on
the theme of Dedicated, in a lay sense of the term as well as a spiritual
one. The heart of the show consists of the Storyville portraits of New
Orleans prostitutes shot by Bellocq, and POP printed by Friedlander. There
are also Friedlander photographs from his Staglieno series of funerary
statuary; and a video (about 30 minutes) that Rube Goldberg would have
enjoyed but also leaves you thinking.

The kicker is that the show is only open on Saturdays from 12 noon to 5 pm.
  I don't know when it closes, but she typically does one show per year,
lasting right through the summer.


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