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Date: 04/09/04-09:47:27 AM Z
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For what its worth, the only negative of my own to clearly
and undeniablely exhibit "edge effects" aka " A Mackie line" is a PMK
developed negative. I believe it was shot on Fortepan 400 , and Jobo

on 4/9/04 10:41 AM, Sandy King at wrote:

> In a recent thread the subject of adjacency effects was discussed. I
> have some further questions about that I wonder if any of you might
> like to address.
> The literature on this subject appears somewhat contradictory.
> Richard Henry notes that since the creation of adjacency effects is
> via lateral diffusion the type of agitation should in principle not
> matter, and he observes that he obtained adjacency effects with very
> vigorous and constant agitation. Yet he notes that research quoted by
> Todd reached different conclusions on the importance of agitation.
> Also, some sources suggest that only metol based developers give
> adjacency effects since phenidone is highly resistant to the
> restraining action of bromide. And on this list Ryuji mentioned that
> the development by products of certain reducers (he mentioned
> hydroquinone, catechol and pyrogallol as I recall) reduce or
> eliminate adjacency effects.
> In spite of any of the above I have been able to get very extreme
> adjacency effects with Pyrocat-HD and minimal agitation procedures,
> and I do not get them with constant agitation. And I believe Judy
> mentioned that she was able to get adjacency effects using
> hydroquinone.
> I would welcome further comments on these issue from Ryuji or any
> others on the list who may wish to comment. Also, if there is any
> recent literature relevant to the subject it would be nice to have
> the source.
> Sandy King
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