Ferric Citrate Varieties

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Ferric ammonium citrate comes in green and brown varieties; it is said
that both can be used in toning and alt. processes, but the green, which
has a lower iron content, is about six times more sensitive to light
(according to one source I have here).

Ferric citrate is something else. What I had was a very fine
reddish-brown powder, but its appearance can apparently also vary. Mine
came from Aldrich, but I believe they only deal with account customers
and will not send chemicals to private addresses. I suggest you try SW
Scientific, details below. I used them about 20 years ago, before I had
an account with Aldrich; they deal with BDH and several other chemical
manufacturers including Aldrich, but cost a bit more than buying direct
from the maker. There's no formula given for ferric citrate in the
Aldrich catalogue, but they list it as "iron(III) citrate hydrate".
Their catalogue number is 22,897-4.

SW Scientific
1 Dragon Ct
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United Kingdom
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