RE: Daguerreotype base-metals

From: Gregory Popovitch ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/07/04-07:53:47 PM Z
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> I'd imagine too that the gold chloride gilding would help in the
> prevention of oxidation.

Maybe it helps a little, but sealing under glass is still
necessary. Even after gilding the image is very fragile
and easily scratched (though I have an old dag which is
very scratch resistant! I don't know how they did that).

> Silvered glass, eh? No polishing you say? Intriguing!

Irwing Pobboravsky wrote about his experiences with vacuum
deposited glass plates in the "Daguerrean annual" from the
Daguerrean Society. Some problems are:

- silver don't stick to glass very well, so he would first
  deposit chromium, then a mixture of chromium + silver, and
  finally pure silver. Even then the metal layer may come
  off when processing (gilding)

- the silver layer is extremely thin, so plates can be used
  only once (no repolishing)

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