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Thanks Julian! (and others who've responded) -- your comments are most

I believe the 35mm sensor remains in the new Leaf ProDigital6, which
leads me back to my after-thought question: Is there any distinct
advantage to a larger format size (large vs. medium vs. 35mm) for
digital image production. Specifically, will one get more image
information from a medium format camera with a digital back than with a
(smaller, lighter, more transportable and less intrusive) 35mm digital
camera of equal resolution? I've noticed, for example, that Calumet
has a large format rail & bellows system which brackets onto a Canon
D1s for image capture.

So, my question is this: Is format still in the equation?

Intuitively, I would think the answer is yes. . . . but my intuition
has led me far afield on more occasions than I care to remember.
(Although there was that girl long ago in Kent who. . . . Oh, never

I've come to rely on medium and large format film images over the last
several years-- but, as I said in my initial post, our workflow demands
(processing in Pyro, scanning, spotting, spotting some more, editing,
and spotting again) are just taking up too much time and space and have
reached the point of hampering our growth.

Anyway, my deepest appreciation to all for pondering these matters.

Best regards,
John Campbell
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On Wednesday, April 7, 2004, at 02:09 PM, Julian Smart wrote:

> John,
> I've been using a Leaf Cantare XYon a Mamiya RZ67 for the last three
> years.
> This camera is the forerunner to the valeo with a 6mpix 35mm sized
> sensor
> and delivers an 18mb raw file. I can only say the camera is nothing
> short of
> fantastic and I'm sure the new one will be even better. We also have a
> Leaf
> Valeo mounted on a Siner P2 for three shot work when quality is
> paramount.
> Both are very much studio cameras but the new Valeo is probably better
> out
> and about than ours.
> All of our post production work is carried out in Photoshop, in
> standard
> 8bit Tiff format-sometimes converting to JPEG for e-mail etc. Workflow
> on a
> Mac is reasonable though the Leafcapture software doesn't have Adobe
> 98 as
> one of its native profiles.
> As for pinhole work, I don't think this is possible as the
> lens/shutter and
> flash sync are part of the cameras(the Leaf back's) circuitry. The
> digital
> back will not work without the electrical contacts in the lens and
> sync.
> system. We have a Sinar back that will work and indeed have managed to
> mount
> a 20mm Nikkor onto the Sinar camera body. This gave us, effectively a
> 20mm
> wide angle lens (wide angles of view are very difficult for a digital
> on a
> m/f or l/f camera body back due to the small sensor size). I've been
> itching
> to try a pinhole on it but I think gumprinting time gets in the way!!
> Not sure what you mean by Pyro-like result. Do you mean the colour ,
> which
> can be produced in Photoshop as a spectral density neg or the
> acutance/compensatory effect which can also be achieved in Photoshop,
> though
> your output method/inkset/substrate will have more of an effect here.
> Hope this is of interest....
> Julian Smart.
> Oxford UK
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>> Greetings all,
>> I'm wondering if anyone on the list has experience using the Leaf
>> Valeo
>> on a Mamiya 645AFd, or the new Leaf/Mamiya ProDigital6. I understand
>> the later might not even be available as yet, although the publicity
>> about it is ubiquitous in the circles I've been lately traveling.
>> Also wondering if anyone on the list has experience with the Canon EOS
>> 10D.
>> Specifically, regarding both devices, I'm wondering how translatable
>> the file types are (the proprietary file types for Leaf, and the
>> Jpeg-Raw files for Canon) for use in PhotoShop and subsequent digital
>> negative production. Any problems or surprises (pleasant or not)
>> associated with using either of these devices would be appreciated.
>> After years of being a die-hard (meaning, I suppose, hard to kill)
>> film
>> only (and Pyro developed only) purist, the current demands on time
>> (for
>> processing) and space (for organizing negatives) are forcing me to
>> re-think the media and workflow.
>> Which brings up another question: Is there a way to achieve Pyro-like
>> results in digital format. . . ? I don't believe I've ever seen this
>> question addressed in the list.
>> Oh, one more thing (and this is a stretch). . . .
>> Has anyone experience with using a *pinhole* (or zone plate) adapter
>> on
>> either of the above configurations (the Leaf or the Canon)?
>> Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
>> I hope everyone is well and prosperous.
>> Best regards to all,
>> John
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