Darkroom Sink and Revolving Door

From: Martin Salowey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/07/04-03:07:26 PM Z
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Hi All,

I am the Director of a Visual Communications group for a large hospital
system in NJ. My office is now 99.99 percent digital, thank God for my
interest and passion in analog / Alt photography. Anyway we are clearing
out our darkroom and have a revolving door and stainless steel sink that
are in pretty good shape available for FREE!!! (if I did not already have
a sink I would take it myself) If you would are interested and can pick-up
in NJ please email me off list at martworld.is@verizon.net as I will not be
checking the list for responses.

The sink and door will be removed on or around April 18th and would need to
be pick-up with-in a few days. I can make arrangements for a pick up at our
loading dock.Here are the specs.

Rotary Door 45" wide x 78" high
Arkay Stainless Steel sink 110" long x 26" Deep x 48" High

Hope you can use this,

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