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Hi Folks,
            We must be going in the right direction as one of the most
prolific writers on straight photography has just had an article published in ''The
Amateur Photographer'', this week. The title of the article, ''What redeems
them is their texture, their scale, their tonality - their very imperfection.''

I quote,'' ''Alternative printing processes do have some redeeming
features'', says Roger Hicks, as he explains how he has changed his opinion about their
imperfections.'' ''

OK, Roger. I expect, after a brief swatting up, we will be seeing how he
will, soon, become an expert and well published writer on alternative photography
after practically exhausting all there is to say, over the past few years,
about silver gelatine factory made products. Roger says, ''I can even see the
point in doing more 'alternative' prints myself.''
             Yes, Roger, we still have a lot to learn about 'photographers',
'alternative' or otherwise. Why not join the LIST and meet a few of them?
         Anyone else seen this article where Roger is promoting the ' truly
brilliant' ''Spirits of Salts'' by Randall Webb and Martin Reed?
          Roger's final shot, ''Sometimes it feels good to realise you were
wrong and to change your mind.''
           How many times have I done that?
                        John Grocott- photographist
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