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> Here's an internet paths and protocols question. I'm mightily
> confounded by this. And confounded minds want to know:
> At 8:43 CDT, I sent a post ("Leaf and Canon questions") to the list.
> At 9:12 a response to the referenced post came in from Sam Wang. At
> that time my original post had not shown up in my e-mail files.
> At 9:34 I fired off a reply to Sam's reply, which hit my inbox at 9:35.
> Then--and here's the point--at 10:35 MY ORIGINAL POST (sent at 8:43,
> mind you) popped into my inbox!
> To quote Dorothy: How can this be!?!
> It's all just so. . . uncertain.
Hi John, This is another ''John''. Seems to be a lot of us around. Your hitch
is similar to one I had a couple of weeks back. Postings were getting thru to
the list and being sent out to subscribers.....but not to me. However, the
quirk cleared up after about a week and everything is back to 'normal'. Maybe
Ryuji Susuki has mentioned a possible cause in his analysis of the internet
paths systems.

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                 Apologies for the slightly off topic.
                       John Grocott- photographist
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