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I used the 10D at a commercial studio I freelance at. Nice camera. Very
similar to the Fuji S2 I own. I didn't do dig negs with the 10D, but
there is no reason it wouldn't work well. Compared to the Fuji S2, the
10D is "just slightly" lower in resolution and "just slightly" less
color accurate, but has a far nicer viewfinder and slightly nicer
software (at least on a Mac).

Sensor size and film size aren't really comparable. The advantage of
larger sensors is primarily in lowering the noise level and to a much
smaller extent it helps with increased dynamic range. Both of those are
nice, but 'assuming" you are going to shot at iso 100, probably not a
"see-able difference" in an alt print! That is assuming both the APS
sensor and the medium format back have the same pixel count.

Lots of folks have "done" pinhole and/or zone plate with dig. It isn't
digital's best use. One of digital's weaknesses is noise, and the
higher the iso and/or the longer the exposure.... the worst the noise.
Pinhole is hard without fast "film" and long exposures (zone plate is
more forgiving). I "suspect" that while an interesting digital
experiment, pinhole will be an area of photography where film is still

I haven't used the current production Leaf backs (just older ones).

On Tuesday, April 6, 2004, at 07:34 PM, PhotoGecko Austin wrote:

> Thanks, Sam-- I think it probably counts quite well. I've used a
> pinhole adapter on an EOS film camera (several years ago) with great
> results (the auto exposure actually worked!). I'm assuming
> correspondent results would hold for the 10D or (. . . Good Gawd!. . .
> ) for the 10Ds (!$$$$$!). But I don't want to assume too much.
> I've been mostly shooting MF through Mamiyas--and I'm wondering about
> the compatibility (using the Leaf system, for example) for production
> of digi-negs for contact printing.
> Hey. Now that I think about it, does format size matter at all in
> digital images? I mean, really. The distinct advantage of medium
> format film (or large format, for that matter) is the image size for
> enlargement purposes. . . right? So, is there a commensurate
> advantage to shooting to a medium (or large) format camera for digital
> images. . . ?
> I dunno.
> Stay tuned. More is sure to follow.
> One Thing More (and this I really don't get at all!)-- Your response
> came in on my e-mail server before my original post! In fact, my
> original post still hasn't shown up as I'm replying to your reply!
> How could this be? O, the mystery; O, the gravity of it all.
> Best regards,
> John
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> On Tuesday, April 6, 2004, at 09:10 PM, Sam Wang wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> I've used a zoneplate on the Canon Digital Rebel with good results.
>> Does that count?
>> Wish I had a Leaf to mount a zoneplate on...
>> Sam
>>> From: PhotoGecko Austin <>
>>> Date: 2004/04/06 Tue PM 09:43:39 EDT
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>>> Subject: Leaf and Canon questions
>>> Greetings all,
>>> I'm wondering if anyone on the list has experience using the Leaf
>>> Valeo
>>> on a Mamiya 645AFd, or the new Leaf/Mamiya ProDigital6. I
>>> understand
>>> the later might not even be available as yet, although the publicity
>>> about it is ubiquitous in the circles I've been lately traveling.
>>> Also wondering if anyone on the list has experience with the Canon
>>> EOS
>>> 10D.
>> <SNIP>
>>> Oh, one more thing (and this is a stretch). . . .
>>> Has anyone experience with using a *pinhole* (or zone plate) adapter
>>> on
>>> either of the above configurations (the Leaf or the Canon)?
>>> Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
>>> I hope everyone is well and prosperous.
>>> Best regards to all,
>>> John
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