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I was in the exact position as you.. I bought a Toyo 8*10 810 M with exactly
the same problem, I put a lot of work in trying to repair it with liquid
neoprene, the stuff one uses to fix wet-suits...did no work, and I ended up
handing down more cash..sigh.. to Camerabellows in the UK (their Web side
seems to be down right now). They did a nice job, although the bellow stays
a bit sticky, according to the company that's unavoidable with the material
they are forced to use on this camera (it's a rather compact camera, and the
bellows fold up very tight),



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> I just bought a Toyo 8x10 with a bad bellows.. It appears the
> rubberized
> coating is flaking off the bellows on the outside at just
> about every crease
> and corner.. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a
> opaque vinyl or
> rubberized over coating or am I stuck making a new
> bellows.? Any other
> tricks ?
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