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Date: 04/05/04-08:44:26 AM Z
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Hi Sandy,

You recently inquired about the combination of HP5+ and PyrocatHD.

It just happen that I have just exposed a 8*10 sheet of Arista 400 (recently
bought, and assumed to be equal to the recent HP5+)

I shot a still live of an orchid against a black backdrop, usually not a
subject I particulairy like, but than I remebered a remark I read long ago
which boiled down too: photography is also practising, so even if you see
something you think isn't gone produce that moving/winning/wahtever image,
it can still be worthwhile to practice, test etc..and since my 8*10 gets too
little use I gave it a try anyway...

I exposed at a speed of 320 asa, f45, which came down to 4 sec, adding
bellows extension ; 16 sec, and reciproke failure to 45 sec.

The whole scene measured from the black backdrop to the white flowers was
only 5.5 EV, and I did not needed much texture in the black backdrop anyway.
So HP5+ was probably not the best choice, but it's all I have right now.

I processed in a JOBO printdrum (and obtained "nice" staic marks on the film
presumably becaused by slideing the film into the drum, never seen those
before, but I deiviate..), at 22degC, PyrocatHD 1:1:100 for 14 min. Nice
neg, brown stained, visually low B+F, pretty dense highlights.

I printed the neg on Silver gelatine (grade 3), came out nice, could be done
better though, but all the information is there, even some texture in the

I recently mixed some agryotype solution, and used that to coat some Simili
Japon paper and a piece of Canson Fonteney, both papers came out ok (after
gold toning before fixing), the Canson did not clear completly, and is a bit
grainier as the Simili, I do not know if I like the dull brown colour
though, I think I prefer the Kallitype per Sandy King .

Oh exposure time: 20-25 min on an UV bank of 6 15watt Bl tubes (a bit on the
long side these printing times in my experience)

Today I tried to cyanotype the same neg, but I think I have too much density
in the highlights, even after 50 min. exposure I see not much detail in the
white flower leaves, wheras both agryotypes show nice details there.

Probably my findings are too limited to conclude that HP5+ is also usefull
in (relative) low contrast scenes, and I do not know if the reciproke
failure has something to do with it, maybe?

Might be that I develop too long also..


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