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Hi Jane,
Digital-schmigital. All cameras are for geeks and people who aren't
talented enough to draw or paint, like me. 8-)
Olympus have proven to be pretty durable as well as well as high quality.
My wife actually used it to photograph some teapots, tweaked it in
photoshop, and made a large 22x30" lithograph of it:

>Well now! Digital-smigital-teapotfiddleabouteal, looking at the noise, the
colours and that out of focus background, I would advise your wife to give
up photography and return to the ranks of the amateur painter.

To use photoshop you need talent you know (:-)


By the way, do tell me she didn't try and sell the beastly image did she? I
mean to say that really would be too, too, much.

If in addition she tried to palm it off as "Fine Art" that really would be
the end as far as I am concerned.........................................
how much was she asking by the way?

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