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Can you share an Amidol formula for films for pd/pt printing ?

Philippe Ayral a écrit:
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>> LCSheen indicates the possibility of making perfect negatives for
>> Pt/Pd with two minutes of development in Amidol, presumbably using a
>> continuous tone fillm.
>> Is this possible? And I wonder if you might comment on the use of
>> Amidol as a film developer?
> Sandy
> It is possible.
> In fact, if you look in the manuals, you will find amidol  listed as a 
> film,. paper and b&w tranparency developer.
> I have been using amidol  for  more than twenty years and so have many 
> of my students and colleagues. Maybe I should not give away trade secrets. 
> I have used amidol with Agfa NP31p,  Kodak Sep Neg 1 and 2, and Ilford 
> FP4 and Dupont graphic arts films.. It works just as I have said for all 
> of them. They all have or had traditional grain structure which allows 
> development beyond 1.8. You will see many platinum prints in 
> international exhibitions developed in amidol or PQ in this way which 
> enables the full potential of the platinum process to be used.
> With FP4 exposed at ISO 32, the development times for different 
> processes are:
> Silver gelatine  90s
> Cyanotype (traditional) 1m 45 s
> Kallitype and salt          2m
> Platinum 2m 15 s (and cyanotype rex)
> Carbon 2 45 s
> Be sure to place the film in the developer emulsion side down and then 
> flip it. Agitation should be from one corner of the dish.
> These times may vary slightly but they are a good basis for experiment. 
> They are so consistent that I have given up using neg sheets.
> Of course, when platinum was at its height, iron based developers were 
> more often used. It is often worthwhile to consult British Journal of 
> Photography Almanacs from the 1870s onward.
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