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I have a hunch not a tablet of stone job. That a lot of the problems
associated with with gum printing lie at the door of the paper substrate not
the gum or dichromate and until a scientific study in depth is undertakan
over months perhaps years in a professional laboratory we will not make any
real progress all we see is the tip of the iceberg not what lies beneath.A
few 21 steps is not enough, to make a critical judgment.


> On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> ... Gum is
>> not like a gelatin silver print, where fogging will ruin a print, or, at
>> least, if minimal, make the print not "zing". You can still get the gum to
>> budge off the highlights by the soak in development--in other words, up to a
>> point it is not irreparable, as it is in BW printing. Who knows; maybe the
>> extra exposure fog adds stability to the gum layer.
> Some years ago I tested dried-in-the-dark for 30 minutes strips vs.
> dried-in-roomlight for 30 minute strips. They were essentially the same
> except the dried in roomlight had more dichromate stain, quite a lot more,
> come to think of it. Which come to think of it could be one reason why
> some printers have more dichromate stain than others -- where they dry?
> J.
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