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Date: 04/03/04-10:05:28 PM Z
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Holy Moly. . .

Oy, vey.

Oh Mah GAWD!

Okay, I confess. . . I've been a tad busy of late (what with getting
the new gallery going and consternating over where, exactly, those
WMD's must be hiding. . . along with bailing my wife and children out
of jail from time to time--it hasn't been easy, let me tell you) and I
haven't done a very good job of staying current on the
alt-photo-process list. My mistake. My apologies to all for this.
Please know that my respect and admiration for each of you has never

But NOW. . .


Now I learn that no less than Terry King (!) has become *persona non
grata* on this list. . . !


        . . . how?

        . . . why?

        . . . when?

Please. . . Somebody In The Know write me off list and fill me in on
the depth of things. I won't tell, I promise.


I've been asleep way too long. What happened?

Oy, vey.

Regards to all,
Rip Van Campbell
John Campbell
PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
1413 South First Street
Austin, Tx 78704

(512) 797-9375


somewhere in Texas
a village is missing its idiot
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