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Date: 04/03/04-07:48:05 PM Z
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> I know I will need 4.0 MPix or higher for this. I have waded through
> many reviews and cannot seem to find one that suits, they all have too
> many gimmicks! Does anyone have a recommendation? I know for under 350
> bucks I won't get the best, but that's all I can afford. I have no
> great interest in video, zoom, or the other fancy stuff that most come
> with. A macro feature would be useful though.

The best deal out there is the Kodak EasyShare DX4530 for about $250
if you web-shop. The ratings are excellent. I believe it saves only in
JPEG but, hey, that is good enough. I have used an Olympus D600L 1.3
mega-pixel for about 8 years and, dang, it is terrific. I constantly
stand in the awe of dawn's early rise snapping blossoms as Spring
expands. The imagery is fabulosomente.

The new hot one in my mind the Casio 6 mpxl Exilim Pro EX-6000 which is
$650 but in a month it'll be $625 or less.

Jack Fulton

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