Re: Density Range & Pt/Pd (was: HP5+ for alternative processes)

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A few other questions, if you don't mind.

1. With your ratio of 1:4 Platinum to Palladium, are you then mixing that
1:1 with Ferric Oxalate?

2. Are you using any restrainer?

3. What developer are you using?

4. Are you using digital negatives, either imagesetter or inkjet? Or,
"traditional" negatives? I am assuming "traditional" negatives since you
mentioned you are achieving a base plus fog of .015. Which film? HP4? I would
be interested in knowing the densitometer you are using that accurately down to
.015—most of them that I have seen measure no more than log .01 and even at
that, there is a margin of error of plus or minus .01 or .02 log density.

5. Have you tried digital negatives with this "mix"? Results?

6. What would you say is the "look" or qualities of the prints that you are
achieving that seems to set them apart from other Pt/Pd prints?

Mark Nelson

PS: I noticed Cyanotype "Rey" — Since Rey means King in Spanish, I assume
there is a modest connection between you and the process ;)

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> Terry,
> I'm assuming you mean 1 part Pt to 4 parts of Pd, but if you could be a bit
> more specific I'd like to duplicate it here.
> I'm also assuming the log 2.2 density you stated was not DENSITY RANGE, but
> DMax of the negative?  That would be much different.
> Mark Nelson
> Mark
> You asked what the proportion was of platinum to palladium and you are
> right, the proportion was one part platinum to four parts palladium which in my
> case works out as 4 drops of 20% Pt to 16 drops of Pd from a twenty drop
> Pasteur pippette.
> As to the difference between d max and density range,  as I aim for  base
> plus fog in my negatives of 0.015, a twentieth of a stop, there is, in my
> practice, no significant difference between the two.
> My platinum presentation at APIS 2004 will explain the theory, simply that
> is, behind all this.
> I did have a student once who built his own pin hole camera; his base plus
> fog was 1.8.
> I introduced him to matte black paint and black self adhesive velvet ribbon.
> M
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