Re: Pre-shrink paper for gum (oa to Katherine)

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Differing observations under very different conditions. You're coating
paper in a room "beside floor to ceiling (north-facing) windows and under a
regular light bulb if the outside light is dim." I'm in a sealed darkroom
with two 100 watt bulbs. There's likely a huge difference in ambient light
levels between our two production areas. Apparently indirect daylight will
fog paper as your experience shows.

Great website & beautiful photos, thanks for the link!

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

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> Dave Rose wrote:
> >
> > I mix gum solutions and coat paper under normal (incandescent) room
> > lighting. I haven't tested it, but I believe that it would take direct
> > sunlight to fog unexposed gum prints.
> >
> Here's another example of differing observations. See my illustration of
> fogging under room lights for another point of view:
> look for the fuzzy brown image under the subheading: coating and
> exposure.
> kt
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