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> I use HP5+ for most of my 4x5 B&W work. I'm processing it with D76 and
> Zone
> System exposure/development. For the silver, gum, and cyanotype prints I'm
> making it more than meets my needs.

One of he points of APIS 2004 is to allow people to assess their own work and
'needs' against the performance of others across the history of photography.
The allows one to set bench marks.

Could we suggest that you compare the characteristics of D76, as designed by
Kodak, with the characteristics of the platinum process. For example, D76 is
designed to meed the characteristics of silver gelatine papers for which the
ideal negative will have a density range of around 1.0. If you check in the
literature since the late 1860s, you will find that it is recommended that a
somewhat stronger negative is needed for platinum.

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