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Thanks Chris, I appreciate the response—and all your work.

I've found there is a "curing" time with some inks and substrates. The UV
density will drop over a period of time and then stabilize.

Mark Nelson

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> Mark,
> I am not too scientific on this but I have noticed absolutely no puddling on
> any of the substrates, as long as you print on the correct side. :)  As far
> as drying time, I literally print out and immediately expose, so I don't
> wait 15 minutes if I can help it, for the neg to dry as sometimes I see
> suggested.  No difference in b+f in practice because I expose all at 4
> minutes under UVBL.  Every neg, every RGB separation, every YMB color
> pigment.  I have been experimenting with doubling my pigment this week, and
> I am finding that I have to expose my final layer a tad longer if I want to
> spray develop.  I am beginning to beg to differ that blue prints quicker
> than red. As the saying goes, "Not in my practice".
> If I were to say there was any difference in dot gain, I would say the Photo
> Warehouse may be like, what do you call it, 0 dot gain?  But I don't notice
> an ounce of dot gain on any of it, but it is not under a microscope.  In
> practice, no dif in sharpness between all.  But this is gum, not platinum.
> If I ruin a neg I'll scratch it for you; otherwise, I avoid scratching my
> negs, just my eyes out lately, gum printing day and night.  I have never
> noticed a scratch on any of them. But after I'm done, I put each into a
> sleeve in a notebook to protect.
> Nighty-night,
> Chris

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
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