RE: HP5+ for alternative processes

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/02/04-07:13:59 PM Z
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> The difficulty is that people  do not compare like with like.

> Similar claims for pyro  have been made for many years, although the
evidence does >not appear to support them.

Your comments tend to parallel those made by Terry King on the B&S web
forum. Perhaps he is associated with your group of testers.

Could you please post the results of your testing here?

Also, I've used Amidol as an active ingredient for printing AZO contact
paper but I'm not familiar with any film developer formulas that use Amidol.
Could you share those with us?

As I recall, T.K. wrote that PQ Universal (1:9) was an excellent developer
for FP4, I would like to give that a try. Is the PQ U. formula proprietary
or can it be mixed at home in my darkroom?

And since I'm asking a bunch of questions can you tell us more about the
Cyanotype Rex and Chrysotype Rex processes? They sound very intriguing.


Don Bryant
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