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Thanks for the info!

Did you notice any difference in dot gain, puddling, drying time between the

Any difference in base + fog when printing?

Resistance to scratching?

Usually the films have an emulsion side to take the ink and wetting it will
make it show easily, as you did.

Thanks for the great rundown!

Mark Nelson

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> Hi all,
>      Just wanted to share the following with those unknowledgeable ink jet
> neg enthusiasts (not the big wigs, like hehehe Mark and Kerik, etc).  I have
> been printing gum negs since summer, both on a cheapy Epson printer and then
> on an Epson 2200 (which for me is a dream come true).  I have found this as
> far as substrates go:  anything I get at Office Max or Staples or Walmart
> (gasp)  that says ink jet on it and mentions Epson, works.  I have tried 3M,
> Staples brand, Apollo, and other names I no longer remember, but for gum
> they are all just fine. The only problem, of course, is they are all 8.5x11.
> Apparently the business market doesn't want large overhead projections...
>      I ordered Photo Warehouse ink jet film sheets that are cut 11x17, and
> they work great, too.  One caution:  a lot of the Office Max/Staples brands
> have a bumpy side on which you print, and this is easily discernible.  The
> bumps make no mind on your prints, of course, but you always can tell the
> printable side.
>      Photo Warehouse is smooth on each side.  I thought side didn't matter,
> and I did not have any indication of a printable side in the box.  One day
> my printer was acting up, leaving streaks of messy ink all over, and I
> thought the 2200 was finally rejecting me because of all the work I put it
> thru.
>      Then I got smart, and licked a finger; there is a printable side, and
> it is stickier to a wet finger.  No more problems.  But I guess most on this
> list already know this or it has already been reported, so maybe not
> helpful.  For me, I just had to learn the hard way.
>      BTW, Photo Warehouse 11x17 is about 80 cents a sheet.
>      One last thing:  whenever I would get these little microlines that run
> parallel with the printer feed slot, micro lines so small you can barely see
> them, but the gum process unfortunately prints them (so much for "can't
> resolve fine detail"), that when I cleaned the print heads right before I
> began a negative printing session, the lines disappeared.  I also made sure
> ink was not low in any of the cartridges.
> Bye!
> Chris
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