Re: Carbon Printing and Ultravoilet Light

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Date: 04/02/04-12:03:12 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote: (March 24, 2004)
 In fact, I've just done some tests which I am about
> to scan proving that his Great Gum Pigment Ratio Test of universal acclaim
> is as wrong as I said it was 298 times. .

So did you scan these data and are they somewhere where we can see them?

Anyone unfamiliar with my position on this topic can see it here:

and more briefly, here:

There will also be an explanation of the basic principles underlying
this test and how they relate to the practice of gum printing on my page
on the chemistry of the gum process, coming soon.

This is an issue, like many other issues in gum printing, on which there
is honest disagreement among honest workers. I can only say what I know
from my own experience. I respect that others have different opinions; I
expect the same respect in return.

Back to work,

Katharine Thayer
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