RE: cyanotype II on glass

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Date: 04/02/04-03:01:54 AM Z
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>I suppose the easiest thing would be to try the procedure without the alum.
>I doubt that the hardener is even necessary given the short amount of time
>the gelatin will be in water. I recently tried to put cyano on aluminum,
>and also got lousy (but different results). I first sealed the metal with
>acrylic varnish, then applied gelatin and chrome alum. Applied the cyano -
>it went on OK and dried fine. After exposure I could see a the image, but
>it was fainter than my trial run on paper. When I developed, it all
>disappeared. Poof.

What do you mean exactly? Was the complete coating swimming away
w.o.w. the stuff did not stick to the alumunium? This sounds familiar
to me: when I did the first trials with bromoil on alu, the same
thing happens. I used the Klaus Pollmeiers' beer-solution' as a
primary coating and that was the thing to do. If you don't find it in
the archives and you can't wait for Judy's PF#9 let me know.

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