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[ale] Need a better Linux distro

On 5/31/20 9:04 AM, Solomon Peachy wrote:
> On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 08:56:11AM -0400, Leam Hall via Ale wrote:
>> I can't remember what I was doing this morning, but I look at the installed
>> packages on my CentOS 7 box. I was surprised, and very dismayed, that a few
>> dozen rpms came from a repo in the former Eastern Bloc.
> It's not entirely clear what you are saying -- was your system was breached?
> Do you know the attack vector?  How would a different distro have fared
> any differently?
> _every_ distro has vulnerabilities; that's why you must routinely apply
> the various updates the distro supplies.  If the vulerability was due
> to software or configuration not supplied/managed by the distro, then
> the underlying distro probably wouldn't have mattered.

I consider the installation of significant packages (libselinux-*, 
linux-firmware) from a third party repository, from some areas of the 
world, to totally compromise the system. While I would love to believe 
the best in everyone, and to be right about that, reality says that 
doesn't work.

Since I really dislike systemd, a new OS is in order. I have worked with 
RH for more than two decades, and made my living supporting their 
products. I'm sad to go, but it's the right thing to do.

> You have to decide if "tinkering" is just a means to an end, or the
> entire point, of this system of yours -- Because your time isn't free or
> unlimited.

Yup. I need a system that will do the things I need done. At the moment 
I'm not an OS guy. If my job or situation changes, I might have to 
reevaluate that.   :)