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[ale] Need a better Linux distro


Hey you can get a developer copy RHEL, but I work with CentOS and I haven't
see bad. I don't think they do something like that, you know how many
government agencies use CentOS? I a contact for one and they are using.
Just get Nexus, scan that shit and move on.


On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 12:38 PM Jeff Hubbs via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> Gentoo's default init system remains openrc for now; systemd is an
> option and iirc was one of the first distros to support it through
> regular channels. I run three Gentoo desktop systems; two are KDE (one
> is rather abandoned-in-place-but-running in my office at GT) and one is
> XFCE, I think. I warn you: a default KDE rig needs at least 8GiB
> physical RAM to build a couple of packages, qtwebkit and qtwebengine,
> without deliberately throttling back the build's parallel threading. At
> 8GiB I'm okay at -j3; you need -j1 at 4GiB and it'll take a couple days.
> As for your list, I can speak to Firefox/Firefox-bin, LibreOffice,
> Brother printers, and Hexchat.
> I won't say that Gentoo is without issues or that it's easy, but I do
> know - having worked Red-Hat-alikes in the past - that there are simply
> whole classes of issues that most Linux folks seem to have all the time
> that are simply not part of my life.
> Gentoo is essentially a frighteningly capable package management system
> that has been configured to generate a Linux platform. It will take a
> while to get really good at it (although I've been a Gentoo user for
> upwards of 20 years now and I *still* don't feel like I'm good at it). A
> fully working build system is implicit; at this point most packages
> require gcc but some require clang. The package management system
> (Portage) is Python-based. I run file and PostgreSQL servers; on desktop
> I'm usually on some combination of LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, RStudio,
> Firefox, Kate, pgadmin, and QGIS. I'm probably one of the few people who
> has gotten Hadoop up and running on Gentoo Linux; new worker nodes
> automatically set themselves up (plug 'em in, make 'em PXE-boot, stand
> back - new node after reboot).
> On 5/30/20 8:56 AM, Leam Hall via Ale wrote:
> > I can't remember what I was doing this morning, but I look at the
> > installed packages on my CentOS 7 box. I was surprised, and very
> > dismayed, that a few dozen rpms came from a repo in the former Eastern
> > Bloc.
> >
> > While I love my friends and neighbors of all shapes, sizes, and
> > cultural origins, my confidence in not getting a keystroke logger or
> > similar hit rock bottom. Who cares about virus protection if you
> > install the malware yourself?
> >
> > I've used Void in the past and will be trying to get the few things I
> > need onto it. Just wanted to see what other options were out there.
> > Here's what I'm using the computer for:
> >
> >     Nothing with systemd
> >     Web, Firefox
> >     E-mail, Thunderbird
> >     git
> >     Printing to a Brother printer
> >     LibreOffice (mostly to manipulate and print DOCX, XLSX files)
> >     IRC (Hexchat)
> >     Ansible
> >     GnuCash (no bank data)
> >     Ruby and Perl development (C, libraries)
> >     Calibre
> >
> >
> > In the past I've done NetBSD, but their Package site has adware. Not
> > sure that speaks well of the project. I'm not quite ready for Linux
> > From Scratch, but the more I deal with commercial Linux, the more LFS
> > appeals.
> >
> > Thoughts?
> >
> > Leam
> >
> >
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