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[ale] Backup software incompatible versions

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 11:28:57AM -0400, Derek Atkins via Ale wrote:
> maintaining both versions!   F32 still has 1.2.8 so I can't (yet) file
> a bug, but apparently CentOS/RHEL/EPEL has already been updated!

Eh?  F32 shipped with 2.0.0, and just saw 2.0.3 come through updates.

I believe F31 is also shipping 2.x now, and F30 has the COPR.

> Still, completely frustrating that the wire protocol is incompatible.  :(
> Very poor software engineering choice, IMHO.

I suspect the incompatibility was forced upon them by dependencies in 
the Python2->3 transition (eg py2 strings and py3 strings are not 
compatible), and working around that would have required a 
disproportionate amount of work.

 - Solomon
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