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[ale] New wifi AP?

Ubiquiti stuff is pretty good. Pick the level you want.  PoE makes
deploying different places much easier. Don't know how many SSIDs they
support. Run the java-based controller only when you need to modify
settings if you don't want all the pretty graphs.

If you don't have a good way to get networking between floors, I've had
luck using powerline devices. Just expect less than 20% the bandwidth
from whatever the box claims.  My 600 Mbps kit with nodes between a
room and hallway only got 220 Mbps. Between upstairs and downstairs, it
gets 65 Mbps or so.  Obviously depends on the house wiring.

Just some options.

On Sun, 17 May 2020 06:51:48 -0600
"Robert L. Harris via Ale" <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> I've been using aRuckus AP for the last 3-4 years, worked great but
> it's starting to have problems. I looked into getting the new model
> but it's so tied into their cloud management it's not the way I want
> to go.
> Looked at a next Mesh set but that requires them to be NAT and they
> only do 2 SSIDs, I use 4 (Mine, older 2.4Ghz only, streaming/high
> performance devices and guest on a private VLAN).
> Anyone have a good suggestion for a replacement? I need to cover a 3
> story house with my main network interesting in the basement.
> Robert L. Harris
> - Sent from my mobile, please excuse my brevity and any typos.