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[ale] Jitsi need

Bet they'd happily accept a pull request w/ any/all of those capabilities.
Think most of the jitsi-meet code is JavaScript on node.js.

Currently, jitsi is extremely democratic which is both good and bad.

On 3/30/20 9:22 AM, Jim Kinney via Ale wrote:
> I've been using jitsi for my karate school classes and have seen a need
> for a feature add.
> The ability to group participants into sub-video/audio groups with
> presenter control to rejoin larger group would be very beneficial.
> Picture this:
> 12 students, 1 instructor, all watching instructor with shared sound.
> Instructor takes 4 students and they see/hear only each other and can
> hand raise to instructor. Instructor sees tiles with a box around them
> to indicate grouping. Instructor can mute/unmute group to full class.
> When grouped, students should only see tiles of group members and icon
> for instructor.
> Probably would only work from the videobridge.