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[ale] EPROM programmer?

Here's a simple one that uses an Arduino Mega. Microcenter in Gwinnett has
them on sale for $11. It looks like the sketch does the heavy lifting and
timing and uses a serial interface protocol to deliver instructions. The
page has a python script that will drive it. So a Mega, breadboard,
jumpers, and the software on the page should be enough to get you going:


Note that Microcenter now closes at 7PM.

Hope this helps,


On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 11:45:20PM +0000, Steve Tynor via Ale wrote:
> I delurk to ask a non-Linux, but hardware hacker oriented question...
> I'm restoring a vintage synthesizer (a DK Synergy) which I had put into what
> I thought would be temporary hibernation, but turned into 20 years of
> storage.
> It mostly works, but testing suggests that at least one of the EPROMs has
> degraded and needs to be replaced.?? As long as I'm at it I'd like to
> replace all four (I'm told that I can use either 2765 UV erasable or 2864
> electrically erasable EPROM's)
> I have binary images (BIN files) for each of the EPROMs, but no way to
> program them.
> Can anyone on the list help????? My only other thought is to seek out the
> various local "makerspaces".
> Thanks!
> Steve
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