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[ale] Acquiring a registered but unused domain name?

Interesting that whois doesn't even show that it is private registration.    Were it me, I'd contact the Registrar, Tucows, at the number they have listed for themselves.  If they truly have a Registrant there ought to be a private email or website that forwards messages to the Registrant.

You may not hear anything back though.   We own many domains and I get email questions about selling various ones all the time to which I generally don't bother responding.   

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I am part of a non-profit group, the National Federation of the Blind Computer Science special interest group. We'd like to make a web site at www.nfbcs.org. If you point a browser there, you get a 403 forbidden message. Doing a whois on nfbcs.org shows that it is registered but there is no meaningful contact info.

I am thinking maybe the domain is unused and if I could just contact the owner, they'd be willing to let us have it. Any ideas on how to go about that? The only thing I've tried so far is to send a message to root at nfbcs.org.

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