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[ale] Very cheap basic mail hosting with IMAP

Anyone have a suggestion for a very cheap mail host that can handle just
a couple messages per day with IMAP capability?  I have domains
registered through Godaddy right now and they've suddenly decided that
the basic single mail address they provide with domains is going away in
favor of MS Exchange/Office 365 and they will be charging for it.

I use it to send time critical messages that my machines generate to my
phone (monitored by K9 mail) because it's cheaper than sending text
messages to my phone (I pay per message).  I don't need much at all, the
messages are stripped down by procmail before sending them out so
they're only like 1 kB or so and I delete them shortly after receiving
them so I don't even need much storage.  I already run my mail server at
home but this is a secondary path that exists outside of my network for
a little redundancy.  I don't need to transfer the domains or buy
another one necessarily, I can just point the MX records at the host.