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[ale] Change of venue

I have received permission for the ALE Central meeting to be held at the
condo where I am now living.  Here are the benefits:

1. Quiet meeting room with comfortable chairs;
2. convenient parking spaces;
3. Condo is across Clairmont from VA Hospital;
4. Closer to Melton's than is Emory or the Maker Space in Decatur;
5. Larger meeting room available if needed;
6. TV for talks/slide decks as needed.

2100 Clairmont Lake
Decatur, GA 30033

Minor inconveniences:
1. Doors close at 1830 so everyone will have to be buzzed in by the Front
    (Remember Emory Law School?)
2. Try to avoid the geese, which have been known to sleep on roadway. (A
mangled goose will upset some, but by no means all, of the residents.)

Sean Kilpatrick

Please contact me if there are any questions on or off list.
kilpatms at gmail.com
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