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[ale] Samba question

Yeah. Windows executable bit isn't what Linux' is.

Check this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20958888/preserving-file-permissions-for-samba-shares-when-file-is-edited

On April 21, 2020 10:31:18 AM EDT, Fritz Krieg via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
>Hoping someone here can help me as neither my co-worker nor I are samba
>experts but have been forced to rely on it heavily in our current
>environment due to decisions made by management.
>We have a series of mounts that are basically file dumps from various
>different offices/users that we are then sharing via samba. Despite the
>files on the underlying filesystem being 440 when the filesystem is
>the files are suddenly all 555. This is obviously problematic for
>reasons. In addition when we mount the ffilesystem suddenly everything
>shows up as owned by the mounter not whoever owns it on the underlying
>filesystem. e.g.:
>on server:
>-r--r----- 1 userA groupA 456 Apr 16 date.sh
>on client:
>-r-xr-xr-x 1 userB groupA 456 Apr 16 date.sh
>where userB is the name of the user mounting the filesystem.
>Here is the relevant part of the stanzas in smb.conf:
>writable = yes
>browsable = yes
>create mask = 0644
>directory mask = 0755
>hide unreadable = yes
>inherit acls = yes
>and here is the mount statement being used:
>sudo mount.cifs <server share> <mount point> -o
>Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this so that the file ownership
>the permissions aren't overridden?

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