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[ale] [ OT ]: While we are all confined... Vintage projects... EPROMs.

Many thanks to Raj got helping bring the Synergy back to life!


On 4/11/20 11:58 AM, Raj Wurttemberg via Ale wrote:
> Hey All,
> While we are all confined.. I???m sure that some of you are breaking out 
> some old hardware that you???ve been meaning to play with for years. If 
> anyone needs an EPROM burned for their project, please let me know. 
> I???m happy to help. If you have old EPROMs and want to recycle them for 
> your project, I do have an EPROM eraser.??? I don???t charge anything for 
> the service, unless I have to buy the chip and then it would just be 
> the cost of the chip.
> I???m happy to say that I was able to help Steve T. with his DK Synergy 
> synthesizer. He said it is fully functional again! Whooo! Hooo!
> Thanks,
> /Raj
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