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[ale] Firewall convo

OPT1 and OPT2 would be additional network interfaces so you could
physically segment your network.  Send all your computers out LAN,
connect the IOT stuff to OPT1, connect the gaming systems to OPT2, etc.
 Then just fix up the iptables/nftables rules to route the traffic
around as desired.

A device like this was my choice if my ISP ever provides faster service
than what I have now.  I happened to have the Pi on hand to replace my
old WRT54G because it was sufficient for my slow ISP (4 up/25 down).

On 2020-04-09 19:33, Steve Litt via Ale wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Apr 2020 10:49:49 -0500
> Preston via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
>> This is the appliance I just got to replace my old firewall:
>> https://protectli.com/vault-4-port/
> Looks good. I imagine I plug the ethernet cable from my cable modem
> into the WAN RJ45, and I plug a cable from my LAN switch into the LAN
> RJ45, but what do I do with OPT1 and OPT2? Are those for a DMZ or a
> second LAN or something like that?
> Thanks,
> SteveT
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