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[ale] Good commercial VPN's

Thanks! I'm looking at all three options you mentioned. I like ProtonVPN
because of Protonmail (I want to move away from gmail as you mentioned).
The full package from ProtonVPN that includes ProtonMail is pretty
expensive ($33/month?) so I'm looking at other packages.

PIA and NordVPN look good as well. I wish they had built-in secure mail
like ProtonMail.



On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 12:35 PM Jeffrey Brown <jeffreydbrown at gmail.com>

> I use Private Internet Access (PIA), primarily because I am locked into a
> very low annual rate due to early adoption and because my needs are pretty
> minimal. I started an annual trial of PIA and NordVPN at the same time, and
> I ended up renewing PIA and allowing NordVPN to lapse on largely financial
> grounds. While I have no particular complaint with PIA, if money had not
> been a serious constraint at the time of renewal, I would have stayed with
> NordVPN instead, due to their being located outside the US.
> While I have not tried their VPN service, I strongly consider ProtonVPN if
> NordVPN did not exist. I am considering migrating fully from Gmail to
> ProtonMail and from the pay-with-all-of-my-personal-information model of
> Internet services, which I abhor, to the more rational cash-for-service
> model that should have always been the norm.
> Jeffrey D. Brown
> GPG/PGP Public Key ID: A05E4182
> ("It's an older key, sir, but it checks out.")
> On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 11:27 AM Jeffrey Layton via Ale <ale at ale.org>
> wrote:
>> Good morning (just barely),
>> I'm looking for a commercial VPN service. Most likely outside the US :)
>> Does anyone have suggestions?
>> Thanks!
>> Jeff
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