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[ale] For the sanity of my marriage

> From: "Scott Castaline via Ale" <ale at ale.org>
> To: "Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts" <ale at ale.org>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 1:26:10 PM
> Subject: [ale] For the sanity of my marriage

> As the subject implies my wife has given me an ultimatum, I either
> unload all of my old stuff or she will which means it'll all end up in
> some landfill. I have cables dating back to MFM harddrives to flat
> ribbon scsi, as well as more recent cables. I have various cards going
> back to ISA and EISA. If interested email me for address which is in the
> Hamilton Mill area of Buford.

> --
I had same issue. I lived off Sardis Church in the Hamilton Mill area. Bought a house with a basement 5 miles away from the old and moved. 
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