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[ale] I was hacked!

(Pardon the delayed response in advance since I receive this list in a
daily digest format.)
<...orignal email snipped...>

If I may suggest, look up the CIS Benchmark (at the very least) for the OS
you are using on the VPS.  Use that as a guide to further harden your
system.  This not only includes SSH (e.g, disable "root" as you noted, but
use "AllowUsers" or similar as another aspect), but other aspects as well.
I admit with a hosted system, you may not be able to do 100% of the CIS
Benchmark guide (e.g., isolating certain directories as partitions being
one of the kickers typically), but you can get a good 90% minimum.

<shameless plug>
Linux ETC does offer security review and monitoring services (fee based)
for a third party perspective if desired.  Granted, we will not be doing
physical penetrations after what happened to Coalfire's employees in Iowa.
</shameless plug>

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