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[ale] Best VPN for Edgerouter?

I've got an edgerouter pro 8 and want to set up a VPN for when I am away.  
I'd like to be able to access the VPN from my Linux box, iOS and Android.  
I would like to get enough throughput to support Netflix or other streaming 
media.  Upstream is gigabit fiber so really it's going to be the edgerouter 
and VPN tech that limits me.
I feel my options are pptp, l2tp/ipsec, and openvpn.  Each option has 
plusses and minuses. I think pptp is probably not secure enough.  L2tp has 
double encapsulation and might be too easy to block when traveling.  And 
openvpn needs a lot of extra config and might be slower (or so I've read).
What would you all use, and why?

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