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[ale] Anyone know of a security breach at CarFax?


I never use my debit card except at ATMs.   Giving people direct access to my bank account that way means I?m out the money until I can get it back later and risk other fees from things hitting while the cash is gone.   With a credit card they can (and once did for $20k) take money in withdrawals without me ever having to pay and ?recover? the money.   Still stressful to deal with the credit card fraud but no direct access to my money meant I didn?t have to worry about bounced checks or lack of access to pay bills.

For similar reasons I don?t setup automatic payments at sites like utility, mortgage and other ?legitimate? companies.   It makes more sense to me to setup payments at online bill pay at my bank.  I?m less concerned about the bank knowing my Georgia Power and other account numbers than I would be for those others to know my bank account number.   More than once I?ve heard people complain because someone hit them with an unexpected or duplicate debit from companies they?ve setup automatic payments with.   ?Oops we?re sorry? doesn?t cover it and in most cases and one doesn?t get back such debits because there?s a future payment coming so they don?t see the need to reverse it.

P.S.  I see CarFax had a major data breach in 2017 but nothing more recent has been reported?yet.

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Just had someone use my PayPal card for PostMates. One of the few new vendors I've used the debit card with was CarFax. Most everything else has been supporting my unhealthy relationship with Amazon...

PayPal the company is already sending a new card; yay!

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