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[ale] [OT] Silkscreening

Reaching out to the nerd hive-mind here...

I have a control panel - 19"x5-1/4" (3U), steel, will be painted black 
crinkle - that I'd like to get text and markings onto. I have the 
complete design already worked up in Inkscape. It's not super-intricate 
and I only want to do one color - white.

I sent my design to a place I found here in the metro and they want 
$210, $85 of which is the "prep" charge that's non-recurring which does 
me fat lot of good because I've only got one piece and that's all I'll 
ever have. I'm willing to pay, but $210 is more than I'd had in mind. So 
I was wondering if any of you have a line on anyone from whom I might be 
able to get a different estimate. Alternatively, would any of you 
suggest I give it a go myself? It wouldn't be the worst thing in the 
world if I tried and screwed it up because the panel can always just go 
back on the belt sander and I'd be back at square one. :)

- Jeff