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[ale] HDD Locked Up - Wife business pics in it!

So, here is where I am now...
After trying several things, I ended up using a USB docking station ( bios
in two PCs gave me errors and failed to boot as SATA). I then loaded an
older version of lubuntu (CentOS 7 and both Ubuntu 18.4 and Mint "Tina"
failed to mount it regardless of what I tried) and created a file
"ignore_uas.conf" in the modprobe.d following the directions here:

I was then able to see the drive.
The dd command says "error reading /dev/sdb : Input/Output error"

Failing attribute-32
Failing attribute-48
Pre-Fail (but OK status) attribute-51
Attributes 105, 120, 127, and 254 = Old-Age but with an OK status.
Attribute 255 = Pre-Fail and with a "Failed in the Past" status


On Thu, Dec 12, 2019, 8:56 AM Sam Rakowski <devnull at iamdevnull.info> wrote:

> When you boot to a recovery cd:
> * Can you dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null and transfer any data at all?
> * What does 'smartctl -a /dev/sdX' tell you, if anything?
> * What's in the syslog when you try either?
> Also, recovery-wise, around how much data are you looking to (hopefully)
> recover?
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