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[ale] [OT] Wifi router time again

I've had a Buffalo DD-WRT-based wifi router since 2015. It sits behind 
the supplied AT&T UVerse router and handles wifi for the portable 
devices in the house as well as the uplink for the house switch that 
supports all the wired systems. I saw tonight that Office Depot is 
offering 20% off routers with the return of an old router so I thought 
that it might be time. OD has a pretty good selection of Netgear's and 
Linksys' offerings.

Are there any models in particular you suggest or suggest avoiding? I 
won't use the USB-based file-serving ability as I've got a file server 
for that. As a point of reference, the Netgear Nighthawk AX4 at $200 
pre-discount is as much as I care to spend.

- Jeff

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