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[ale] Local File Storage options

Use any filesystem you want on the Linux side. Share it to other Linux
with NFS v4.1. Use Samba to service the winders machines with CIFS. It
will be transparent to the users. Let the Linux native filesystem
handle the locking between NFS and CIFS requests.
Note: The XFS filesystem is very stable and mature but lacks the
ability to shrink a partition.  For most situations, I use XFS. Lustre
doesn't support XFS.
If you want to have HA filesystem, I recommend Gluster with Samba. It
still uses the ext3,4,XFS,ZFS backend of choice but extends across
multiple                                        nodes (servers and/or
drives) for redundancy/speed. It can support Samba clients (using
samba) and linux clients (using a solid but not super speedy FUSE
On Fri, 2019-08-02 at 12:14 -0400, Calvin Harrigan via Ale wrote:
> Hi all,
>      I've found myself in a situation where I need to share several
> large partitions on a single machine across Windows 10 and Linux
> (ubuntu 18.04)
> What would be the best filesystem option for sharing read/write
> access to these partitions?  I thought about using NTFS with ntfs-3g
> under linux, but because of the proprietary nature of NTFS, I'm
> reluctant.  I'm afraid of catastrophic filesystem failure in the
> event of a driver error.  Is VFAT(fat32) a viable option?  It
> officially has a limit of 32GB, though I know it can go as high as
> 2TB.  It offers no features of a modern filesystem though.  EXT4
> doesn't have a practical driver based solution for windows.  There
> are programs like Ext2Fsd, but I have the same issues with it as I do
> with ntfs-3g.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks
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