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[ale] Call for your junk!!!

Hey everyone.  

I?ve got a little utility server floating around the basement that bit the dust today.  It?s nothing special? bought an E-Machine at Walmart $%#^& years ago, and have literally only used it to futz around with prototyping I never want to touch our work network.

As such, I thought I?d reach out.  If anyone has a small desk side or utilitarian box your wife is griping at you to get rid of, or it?s almost in the trash heap, and you?d rather see it live on, I?d like some help.

The old machine?s specs:

eMachines Desktop PC
Athlon II X2 250u (1.60 GHz)
640G Drive
Onboard GeForce 6150SE

As you can see, its dog, I don?t need anything special, and likely your junk heap is fine for this application.

Any assistance ridiculously appreciated.  I?ll even take you for a beer for the trouble of having to deal with me long enough to hand it over.    :)

Thanks in advance!!!