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[ale] Test test test

On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 11:36:41 -0500
DJ-Pfulio via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> On 11/5/18 10:31 AM, David Millians via Ale wrote:
> > 
> > Because after last night's "bombshell" I'd really like to hear some
> > chat... _______________________________________________  
> That KDE is being dropped from Redhat in ... 6 yrs?

LOL, KDE and Redhat. If there have ever been two projects that deserved
each other, it's those two. In 2012 banished all KDE executables and
libraries from my computers because KDE is a monolithically entangled
mess. Three years later I banished all systemd from my computer for the
exact same reason.

Redhat, as it existed before the buyout, was all about complexifying
Linux to increase their consultation and training profit. Those motives
should have incentivised Redhat to keep KDE,and perhaps make it even
more complex.

Perhaps this is our first clue that IBM's Redhat doesn't need or want
complexification. If so, the future of systemd becomes, um, interesting.

Stay tuned.