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[ale] OT ALE jobs

I don?t know about that.   The mail lists were migrated last year and the 07-Nov-2017 email from Jim Kinney said there were issues with SPF and suggested they had just cleared it from spam mail lists.   Today I realize my reply in thread that day was also bounced ?waiting for moderator approval? like my later 23-Jan-2018.    As noted the test Jim sent on 07-Nov is the last one I actually got FROM ale-jobs.

However, I do still get monthly reminders for both lists showing my login credentials.   That doesn?t come from ale-jobs itself though.

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If you need a mderator, I don't mind helping.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 1:03 PM, Lightner, Jeffrey via Ale <ale at ale.org<mailto:ale at ale.org>> wrote:
The last time I got an email from Ale Jobs was a test back on 7-Nov-2017.

The last time I tried to post something to Ale Jobs was on 23-Jan-2018 and I got a message saying it was waiting for moderator approval.

Any time I?ve gotten that such a message I give up.   Despite the ?moderator? mentioned in the return, I?ve never yet seen any message with a response like that either get forwarded to the list or an explanation of why it was denied.  It makes me think no one actually gets notifications to moderate emails.

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Subject: [ale] OT ALE jobs

Does the ALE jobs list still work? I just tried to post a job and it bounced.

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